Environment is one of the most important areas which should be addressed continuously and thoroughly. Joint actions of all relevant institutions, but also of citizens, will ensure biodiversity protection, valuation of environment and recovery of natural resources.

Chapter 27 – Environment and climate change

The Republic of Serbia officially opened the accession negotiations with the European Union on 21st of January 2014. One of the most requiring and most challenging negotiation chapter is Chapter 27 on environment and climate change. Chapter 27 includes one-third of all European Union regulations and comprises around 700 legal documents and 200 key directives, regulations and decisions. Economic challenges in the area of environment are also significant. Based on the status of infrastructure in the Republic of Serbia, it has been estimated that total costs for implementation of all legal requirements of the European Union in the field of environmental protection will amount to approximately 10 billion Euros, out of which most funds will be needed in the area of water management, followed by waste management and industrial pollution. Environmental protection is a matter that concerns all of us, since it is an indicator of social prosperity, and conservation thereof means creation of healthy and sustainable future.