Result 1: Strengthening institutions for implementing environmental legislation

Strengthening institutions requires excellent vertical and horizontal coordination, as well as clear division of competences for transposition, implementation and accomplishment of necessary steps. Systematic approach to analysis of supervision, executive and enforcement capacities is also needed so as to avoid institutional deficiencies and prepare Action Plan for Administrative Capacities Development (APACD).

Result 2: Capacities development for planning the implementation of directives which require significant financial investments

Most requiring sectors of Chapter 27 in financial terms are water management, including water supply and waste water treatment (around 5.7. billion Euros), and waste management (around 2.8 billion Euros).

Eight Directive Specific Implementation Plans (DSIPs) have been prepared as a part of the project “Further Implementation of Environmental Approximation Strategy” to enable achievement of goals defined in the European Union directives for most requiring sectors (water and waste management).

Result 3: Strengthening capacities for investment and financial planning of environmental projects

Investment-related requirements and potential funds for project financing will be identified and proposed along with clear explanation why the funds are allocated in a specific way. In addition, based on the developed list of infrastructural projects and criteria for selection of priority projects, one of the main tasks will be adjustment of investment needs to available or potential financial resources, and proposing policies for closing the financial gap to enable projects implementation.

Project “Further Implementation of Environmental Approximation Strategy” lasts for 24 months, it started in October 2016 and will end in October 2018. The Project is funded by the European Union.