Further Implementation of Environmental Approximation Strategy

Project “Further Implementation of Environmental Approximation Strategy” is focused on providing support to the Ministry of Environmental Protection, in order to strengthen institutions and strategic planning within Chapter 27. The Project enables harmonisation with the European Union acquis in the field of environmental protection and climate change, covering activities that pertain to three main components: capacity building, aimed at strengthening implementation of environmental legislation, developing capacities for planning the implementation of the European Union directives that require considerable funds (especially in the area of water and waste management), as well as capacity development for investments and financial planning of environmental projects.

Preparation of the Action Plan for Administrative Capacities Development (APACD) is in progress and it includes assessment of institutional capacities needed for further implementation and compliance with the European Union acquis. The Action Plan is aimed at strengthening institutions responsible for implementation of environmental legislation.

Environment, as one of the most expensive negotiation chapters, requires great investments, especially in sectors such as water and waste management. Preparation of eight Directive Specific Implementation Plans (DSIPs) is in progress within the project Further Implementation of Environmental Approximation Strategy, aimed at planning the measures and costs for achieving set goals in most requiring sectors, but also at providing guidelines for harmonization of strategic and legal frameworks of the Republic of Serbia with the European Union acquis.